Radio High is for the distinctive individual – leader, trailblazer, trendsetter, non-conformist, with a passion for the finer things in life. His heightened appreciation for music makes him a bit of a connoisseur, a trait that sets him apart from the average radio listener.

Radio High takes its playlist from limited release albums by the most popular artists in jazz, new age, downtempo, classical and world music, as well as, new fusion forms like popsanova, operatic pop and neo-swing. Designed with the listener and advertiser in mind, the station introduces the “4 commercials per break” formula, giving more time for music and greater impact for advertising messages.

With exceptional daily program features, news and information segments, as well as high-profile events, Radio High redefines the soundscape of Metro Manila.

Get hooked.

Get in the circle.

Rise above the ordinary.


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